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Naming : reqtools_38.390(00)(WB1.3)(20.9.93).library
Libraryname_Version(Cpu)(System)(Date).library PPC = PowerUP WOS = WarpOS

Update : 12/11/18 Added many XPK Compressors Libraries (Thx to Cosmos) and icon.library 46.4.506 (Thx to PeterK from EAB)
Update : 25/08/18 Updated icon.library to 46.4.497 (Thx to PeterK from EAB), mhimpegit 1.2, prelude 5.4, uni 10.17
Update : 19/05/18 Updated libraries : epu0, epu1, intuition_41.0, lh_1.8, mathieeedoubbas_10.881, mathieeedoubtrans_10.881, mathieeesingbas_10.881, mathieeesingtrans_10.881, sage_36.2, screennotify_1.0, toolmanager_3.1, vivid_38.4
Update : 12/04/18 Updated proof.library, amissl_v110g.library, amisslmaster.library, crouton.library, flyer.library
Update : 30/03/18 Updated icon.library to 46.4.481 (Thx to PeterK from EAB)

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